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A Ruby wrapper for the FCC Content API

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The FCC Content API allows you to programmatically access much of the content accessible on

fcc-content-api is a lightweight Ruby wrapper for the Federal Communication Commission's Content API. The query interface resembles ActiveRecord. The response objects are simple Ruby Hashes and Arrays.

The FCC Content API is powered by the Drupal Content API Module.


First, familiarize yourself with the FCC Content API REST Documentation.

The FccContentApi::Content object is where you'll do most of the querying.

results = FccContentApi::Content.where(:search_string => "broadband").all
results.first # => {"count"=>"587", "pages"=>58, "itemsPerPage"=>10, "currentPage"=>0}
results[1] # => {"nid"=>"38802", "title"=>"PSHSB Seeks Comment on Broadband Waiver Transition Process", "created"=>"2012-04-06", "changed"=>"2012-04-09", "type"=>"edoc", "webUrl"=>"", "uri"=>""}

Options for FccContentApi#where map 1-to-1 to the query options listed in the official FCC docs.

For example, if you want proceedings, related edocs and comments:

FccContentApi::Content.where(:edocs => "true").where(:type => "proceeding").where(:comments => "true").all

# or pass a single Hash:
FccContentApi::Content.where({:edocs => "true", :type => "proceeding" :comments => "true"}).all

If you know the id of the object you want, use FccContentApi::Content#find:



gem install fcc-content-api or:

# Gemfile
gem "fcc-content-api"

More Info

For more information, please visit the FCC's Developers page and the FCC's Github page.

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