HTML maps of US TV broadcast contours + the code to build your own copy
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TV Broadcast Maps Website

This library builds a simple website of US TV Broadcast maps, organized by state.

Just fork this repo, and copy the contents of the www directory and drop into any web server.

All contour data originated at the FCC's Stations API, which I have converted to GeoJSON and stored here.


To view/serve the HTML files, there are no dependencies that you need to install. However, the static pages rely on a CDN-backed copy of Leaflet.js.

You can also very easily build these maps from source. You just need Ruby installed on a Mac or Linux computer:

$ git clone
$ cd tv-broadcast-maps-website
$ bundle
$ sh

If you have node installed, you can also run a simple development server (this avoids some potential browser origin issues):

$ node install connect
$ node dev-server.js

From here, go to localhost:1337/www/index.html in a browser.


If you want to edit the pages, just change the appropriate file in the templates folder, and run:

$ ruby render.rb

You can also run:

$ rescue render.rb

This uses the pry-rescue gem, which can be helpful for debugging.


  • Edit contour markers (make them smaller or just make them go away).
  • Add very thin opacity to contour layers, so areas that have access to multiple stations are darker.


Except where any data or software is in the public domain, this library is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE.