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adelf committed Aug 24, 2018
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<name>.env files support</name>
<vendor email="" url="">Adel Fayzrakhmanov</vendor>
<a href="">Homepage</a> | <a href="">Github</a> | <a href="">Issues</a>.<br />
<li>Environment variables completion for PHP, JavaScript, Python and Ruby languages</li>
<li>Environment variables completion for PHP, JavaScript, Python, Go and Ruby languages</li>
<li>Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml files support.</li>
<li>Go to declaration(in .env file) and usages(in code), by Ctrl(Cmd)+click or hot key(Ctrl(Cmd)-B, etc.)</li>
<li>.env file commenter</li>
<li>JavaScript support</li>
<li>Duplicate keys inspection</li>
<li>Small fixes</li>
<li>.env syntax highlighting</li>
<li>Go support</li>
<li>.env.* files support</li>
<li>Javascript indexing optimization(remove /node_modules from index)</li>

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