Boilerplate for Phoenix + Elm applications
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Boilerplate for Phoenix + Elm applications

Quick-start on other platforms

I'm not using other platforms much right now, so feel free to contribute a quick start in another platform. For now, here's the link to the docs on how to install Elm, Elixir, and Phoenix :-)

Quick-start on OS X

  1. Clone this repository and cd into it

  2. Install Elm

  3. Install Elixir

     $ brew update && brew install elixir
  4. Install the Hex package manager

     $ mix local.hex
  5. Install Phoenix

     $ mix archive.install
  6. Install PostgreSQL

     $ brew install postgresql
  7. Make sure there is a PostgreSQL user called postgres

     $ createuser -s postgres
  8. We are all set! Run your Phoenix application

     $ cd boilerplate
     $ mix ecto.create
     $ mix phoenix.server
  9. You can also run your app inside IEx (Interactive Elixir) as:

     $ iex -S mix phoenix.server