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title: About Me
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<h1 class="page__title">Hey there.</h1>
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<p>I’m Adelle Charles, VP of UX/Design at Bitly, based out of our New York HQ.</p>
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<p>I lead the Design and User Experience Research team at <a href="" title="Bitly">Bitly</a> focusing on the end-to-end customer experience of product design and brand/marketing design.</p>
<p>Prior to Bitly, Adelle was Head of Design at <a href="" title="SoundCloud">SoundCloud</a>. In 2009, she co-founded <a href="" title="Carbon Ads">Carbon Ads</a>, an invite only, targeted Ad network that grew to reach over 20 million creative professionals through over 200 publishers before it was acquired by Buy Sell Ads Inc in December of 2012. She also founded and was managing editor for the Fuel Brand Network, a group of web publications targeting creative professionals which was acquired by Design Crowd.</p>
<h2>I like to read things...</h2>
Here is what I'm reading right now...
<a href="" title="Brave New Work">Brave New Work</a>, by Aaron Dignan
When I am not designing stuff or writing on the internets, I enjoy watching documentaries, reading books, cooking and <a href="" title="sampling beer">sampling beer</a>, mostly IPAs.
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