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playful experiments with interactive audio installations

We aim to create soundscapes and interactive spaces.

We design wireless interactive audio devices to syncphonize sound and allow people to play together over great distances (1000s of feet) with minmal latency.

We have showcased at:

  1. Time Square Alliance and NYU Come Out And Play
  2. PS1 Moma and Code Liberation NYC
  3. V&A Museum and Code Liberation UK
  4. Upcoming : NYCResistor Interactive Showcase

To further the research we also using these to create a remote voice and public interface for a set of connected garments : video

This github repo hosts pcb designs, source codes, and audio samples for the various installations and other experiements along the way.

Testing : Arduino Teensy Changes for SD optimization enable : #define USE_TEENSY3_OPTIMIZED_CODE SD_t3.h : /Applications//Contents/Java/hardware/teensy/avr/libraries/SD/SD_t3.h

for further info about us please visit touchtech.io

special thanks go to the wonderful people who are building this along the way Olivia Barr, Phoenix Perry, Caroline Sinders, Sumanth Srinivasan, Zach Dorsett, Terry Li Yixuan, Paul Stoffregen, James (Laen) Neal, and the rest of the open source community.

use at your own risk.