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### [Wikipedia, wordclouds and MongoDB to diagnose diseases](

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" style="max-width: 50%;"></a>


### [Real time collaborative artificial life](
The real-time collaborative version of the Conway's Game of Life using

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# Wikipedia, wordclouds and MongoDB to diagnose diseases

This is a very simple simple application that uses a [Word Frequency Algorithm]( to give the user a glance of what kind of disease might he/she have by using a wordcloud.

<a href="">![](</a>

The idea is present an easy-to-read list of possible diseases. Wordcloud engine credits belong to:

Go ahead to [the demo]( and try writing some symptoms like: "I have a high pulse rate and high temperature" to see some results.

_<small>Source code available at:</small>_

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