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Individual project created for a Hackathon, made with ES6, React with Redux, CSS3 and Bootstrap among others. Find the belonging server's link in the Readme.
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Journey Planner - Client

What this project is about

This project is a result of a Hackathon, where the challenge was to use at least one technology, that was not taught throughout the Code Academy course, by Codaisseur. The Hackathon's theme was travel. (Check out the technologies used at the end of the Readme.)

This is a journey planner application, where a registered user can access the site's features, which are:

  • creating journeys with name, date and destination country
    • creating events for each journey, that are displayed on a timeline
    • creating an editable packing list for each journey
    • getting useful info about the destination country
  • deleting existing journeys
  • deleting existing events
  • Server Contains the end points and database models.

Table of contents:

How to install

  1. Clone the git repository git clone

  2. cd into the folder client-journey-planner

  3. Run npm install and Before launching the app( with npm start ), please make sure that the server side is up and running. Also don't forget to use docker for a local db.

  4. Run npm start. The app runs in the development mode on http://localhost:3000 in the browser.

  5. Checkout the Server ReadMe to install and run the server.

Features built so far

Create React App

This project was scaffolded using the create-react-app cli.

The standard create-react-app docs can be found in here


  • "New" technologies used:
    • react hooks
    • moment.js
    • react-input-moment
    • react bootstrap
    • vertical-timeline-component-for-react
  • Other technologies:
    • react
    • redux
    • superagent
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