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Crescendo Framework 2.1.91

Crescendo is the only free and open-source software framework for Crestron control systems. Crescendo is designed by Adelyte Company and maintained by the company and the community. Please visit the project page and documentation for more information.

Getting Started

Crescendo 2 "The Loft" Walkthrough on vimeo.

Questions and Issues

Please submit a GitHub Issue for any question or issue.

Converting Crescendo programs to 2-Series

This document provides instructions for converting "The Loft" demo from a 3-Series (CP3N) to 2-Series processor (PRO2).

All Crescendo modules are 2-Series compatible. While it is advised systems take advantage of the additional features and processing power of 3-Series control systems, Crescendo will run reliably on 2-Series control systems.

Crescendo UIs make extensive use of the Subpage Reference List to deliver dynamic menus to the UI, and minimal use of all other Smart Graphics Objects. Smart Graphics interfaces are supported by 2-Series control systems. The Media Player Application used to control music servers, like the Crestron NSP-1, is not supported by 2-Series control systems.


  1. Open Program/Crescendo Loft.smw and enter Configure mode.
  2. Right-Click and replace the CP3N with a PRO2
  3. Click Yes to proceed and Yes to keep the changes.
    SIMPL Windows will attempt to add devices to retain current equipment and associated logic. The application will also remove any modules that are not 2-Series compatible.
  4. Delete the Media Player Application Smart Graphics Extender from Touchscreens 01-05.
    The Media Player Object Router v3.0 modules are removed from logic during the conversion.
  5. Uncomment the Make String Permanent symbols for each touchscreen utilizing Smart Object Programming.
    Serial signals connected to Smart Graphics Extenders will not display in 2-Series without this additional MSP.
  6. Compile the program. The compiler should report 0 errors, 0 warnings, and 0 notices.