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Rovables Project


This repository has all the design files to assemble the robots. Rovables are miniature wearable robots that can move around the body. See the paper we published at UIST conference here.

Rovables rendered Shirt pic


electronics/ - contains the circuit boards design. They were all designed using Altium, so it might be required to see the original files

mechanical/ - This folder contains mechanical files, done in SolidWorks 2016.

software/ - contains the software that runs on the devices. We used the Arduino platform, so the robots can be easily programmed.

Manufacturing and design

The design contains many 3D printed custom parts and custom circuit boards. Making the design will require at least a good resolution 3D printer (Formlabs or Eden260). Other printers might work also, but we haven't tried them.

Known Issues

The same nRF42 library is used for the robot and the receiver. Change in nRF52.cpp file: #define TEENSY_MASTER_BOARD depending on which one, since they use different SPI port definitions.

The localization of the robot is not implemented in the current code. This version has high resolution wheel encoders and a powerful ARM processor, so the tracking will be better.


This project was a collaboration between MIT Media Lab (Responsive Environments and Living Mobile) and Shape Lab at Stanford University

The poeple who worked on this project are:

Graduate students: Artem Dementyev, Hsin-Liu (Cindy) Kao, Inrak Choi, Deborah Ajilo, Maggie Xu.

The faculty: Sean Follmer, Joe Paradiso, Chris Schmandt.

Undegraduate students: Lucas Santana, Karla-Sofia Zapata-Garcia, Cheyenne Hua, and Diana Lamaute

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