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TemplateCore using Material Design
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Work with the project

TemplateCore using Material Design

  • Visual Studio 2015 or equivalent with update Web Tools (Asp.NET Core 1.1.0).
  • Based on the TemplateCore repository.

Live Example

The code is hosted at AWS Here

The project

  • Based on Official Documentation See.
  • Decoupled Unit-testable.
  • Upgraded from AspNET Core 1.0.1 to AspNET Core 1.1.0.
  • Layered project, Model, Repository and Services.
  • UnitOfWork (repository).
  • Generic Repository.
  • Using Material Design Lite See
  • Role based Authorization & Claims-Based Authorization (Administration Menu) See.
  • Users: admin and test, password for both of them 1122334455.
  • All new accounts are created with the default password: 1122334455, can be changed at UserService.
  • Implemented Globalization and internationalization (not finished yet.)
  • Added Code Analysis [See] (
  • Database provider SQL (configured as localdb).
  • Made from the ASP.NET Core Web Application (.NET Core) Template with Individual User Accounts authentication.


  • WarningAsErrors false can be changed at buildOptions node of each project.json file.
  • ConnectionString at node section TemplateConnection of appsettings.json.

Unit Testing

  • xUnit 2.1.0.
  • For Repository and Service Layer, using InMemory (database) See.
  • For Controllers, using Moq 4.6.38-alpha.
  • Custom CodeCoverage.runsettings See.
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