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@adeptio-project adeptio-project released this Jun 9, 2019

Adeptio Modern Wallet v0.0.2 BETA

This software is in early BETA stage, please be careful with your funds! All bugs and suggestions are welcome.

Crafted with ❤️ by Adeptio Development Team


• Clean .adeptio (ADE) directory (or at least blocks & chainstate folders);
• At least 2 CPU Cores;
• At least 1 GB of RAM;
• ~5 GB of free space;

Notable Changes

Fixed table-id pop up warning alert;
Fixed double send and double wallet creation bug;
Added peers category;
Added exchanges category;
Added settings category;
User can now control sounds: ON/OFF
Masternodes and storade now have count integers;

Working Features

• Review balance;
• Simple send form;
• Create new wallet;
• Check transactions;
• Check my masternodes;
• Check masternode list;
• Check peers;
• Check storADE list;
• Find exchanges;
• Get staking status;
• Peer count;
• Block count;

Upcoming Features

• Start a masternode;
• Import wallet.dat;
• Import private keys;
• Export private keys;
• Show separate wallets balance;
• Set blocks download directory;
• Create advanced send features;
• Ban a peer;
• Masternode map;

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