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HASwitchPlate_rear_lcdmod.stl New enclosure design May 5, 2018
HASwitchPlate_rear_nolcdmod.stl New enclosure design May 5, 2018
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Switch Plate model for single-gang workbox

3D Printed Enclosure

Above you'll find STL files ready for slicing and the source models editable in the free edition of SketchUp Make. There are several models presented here for various plate configurations on the front and two options for the rear enclosure.

Front plate models

Rear enclosure models

  • HASwitchPlate_rear_lcdmod.stl The lcdmod enclosure requires the removal of the 4-pin XHP connector from the Nextion LCD panel. This option allows for better clearance around the screw posts which may help in tight work boxes, but the process of safely removing the connecter may require a hot air station.
  • HASwitchPlate_rear_nolcdmod.stl The nolcdmod enclosure does not require removing the 4-pin XHP connector from the Nextion LCD panel. This simplifies the build process but has just a little less room behind the device for the work box screws. We're not talking a lot here, so if you don't have the hot air station this option will probably work fine for you.


3D Printing Notes

FDM affordance

The careful observer might note that the dimensions of the model vary just slightly from the published dimensions of the panel used in this project. This has been done to accommodate the nature of FDM 3D printing, which means that other production technologies may require slight modifications to make everything fit snug. The STLs are published in the correct orientation for printing.


I printed these two parts with Atomic Filament Bright White Opaque PETG Pro on a Prusa i3 MK2S with 40% infill, .15mm layers, no supports, and 6 bottom layers. The finished results look almost injection molded.


The mounting holes for the Nextion panel are sized to fit M2 x 3mm heat-set threaded inserts but should accept an M3 screw (tightly). See the enclosure build documentation for more details.


The SketchUp file included here is dimensioned in meters but 1m == 1mm due to issues with how SketchUp (doesn't) handle small dimensions. If you intend to modify the provided SketchUp model, export to STL in meters then import for print in mm (the standard setting for most slicers) and you'll be fine. The included STL is ready to slice as-is.