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<title>Macintosh ROM images</title>
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The interface is dead-simple, please refer to the image below:
<img src="MacRomanHelp.png" width="486" height="492" />
These ROM images are recognised by Mac ROMan:
<h2>Old World ROMs</h2>
<h3>64KB ROMs</h3>
<li>0x2884371D - “Twiggy” Macintosh prototype</li>
<li>0x27F4E04B - “Twiggy” 4.3T Macintosh prototype</li>
<li>0x28BA61CE - Macintosh 128K</li>
<li>0x28BA4E50 - Macintosh 512K</li>
<h3>128KB ROMs</h3>
<li>0x4D1EEEE1 - Macintosh Plus v1 (Lonely Hearts)</li>
<li>0x4D1EEAE1 - Macintosh Plus v2 (Lonely Heifers)</li>
<li>0x4D1F8172 - Macintosh Plus v3 (Loud Harmonicas)</li>
<h3>256KB ROMs</h3>
<li>0xB2E362A8 - Macintosh SE</li>
<li>0xB306E171 - Macintosh SE FDHD</li>
<li>0x97851DB6 - Macintosh II v1</li>
<li>0x9779D2C4 - Macintosh II v2</li>
<li>0x97221136 - Macintosh II FDHD, Macintosh IIx, Macintosh IIcx, Macintosh SE/30</li>
<li>0x96CA3846 - Macintosh Portable</li>
<li>0xA49F9914 - Macintosh Classic</li>
<li>0x96645F9C - Macintosh Portable (Backlit), PowerBook 100</li>
<h3>512KB ROMs</h3>
<li>0x4147DD77 - Macintosh IIfx</li>
<li>0x368CADFE - Macintosh IIci</li>
<li>0x36B7FB6C - Macintosh IIsi</li>
<li>0x3193670E - Classic II, LC 550 TV, Performa 200, Performa 275, Performa 550, Performa 560</li>
<li>0x350EACF0 - Macintosh LC</li>
<li>0x35C28F5F - Mac LC II or Performa 400/405/410/430</li>
<li>0x35C28C8F - Macintosh IIx</li>
<li>0x4957EB49 - Mac IIvx or IIvi/Performa 600</li>
<h3>1MB ROMs</h3>
<li>0x420DBFF3 - Quadra 700, Quadra 900, PowerBook 140, 145, 145B, 170 </li>
<li>0x3DC27823 - Macintosh Quadra 950</li>
<li>0xE33B2724 - Powerbook 160/165/165c/180/180c</li>
<li>0xECFA989B - Powerbook 210/230/250</li>
<li>0xEC904829 - Macintosh LC III (v1)</li>
<li>0xECBBC41C - LC III, LC III+, LC 520, Performa 460, Performa 520 (v2)</li>
<li>0xECD99DC0 - Macintosh Color Classic or Performa 250</li>
<li>0xF1A6F343 - Quadra/Centris 610, Quadra 610 CD, Quadra 610 with DOS</li>
<li>0xF1ACAD13 - Quadra/Centris 650, Quadra 800</li>
<li>0x0024D346 - PowerBook Duo 270, PowerBook Duo 270c</li>
<li>0xEDE66CBD - LC 550, Colour Classic II, Performa 275, Performa 550, Performa 560, Macintosh TV</li>
<li>0xFF7439EE - Quadra 605 LC 475, LC 575, Performa 475, Performa 476, Performa 575, Performa 577, Performa 578</li>
<li>0x015621D7 - Powerbook Duo 280 or 280C</li>
<li>0x06684214 - LC/Quadra/Performa 630</li>
<li>0xFDA22562 - Powerbook 150</li>
<li>0x064DC91D - LC 580, Performa 580, Performa 588</li>
<h3>2MB ROMs</h3>
<li>0xB6909089 - PowerBook 520/520c/540/540c</li>
<li>0x5BF10FD1 - Macintosh Quadra 660av or 840av (v1)</li>
<li>0x87D3C814 - Macintosh Quadra 660av or 840av (v2)</li>
<li>0xB57687A5 - PowerBook 550c</li>
<li>0x4D27039C - PowerBook 190 or 190cs</li>
<h3>4MB ROMs</h3>
<li>0x9FEB69B3 - Power Macintosh 6100, Power Macintosh 7100, Power Macintosh 8100 (v1)</li>
<li>0x9C7C98F7 - Workgroup Server 9150 80MHz</li>
<li>0x9B7A3AAD - Power Macintosh 6100, Power Macintosh 7100, Power Macintosh 8100 (v2)</li>
<li>0x63ABFD3F - Power Mac &amp; Performa 5200/5300/6200/6300</li>
<li>0x9B037F6F - Workgroup Server 9150 120MHz</li>
<li>0x852CFBDF - PowerBook 5300 and Assistive Technology Freestyle</li>
<li>0x83C54F75 - PowerBook 2300 Duo &amp; PB5x0 PPC Upgrade</li>
<li>0x96CD923D - Power Macintosh 7200, Power Macintosh 7500, Power Macintosh 8500, Power Macintosh 9500 (v1)</li>
<li>0x9630C68B - Power Macintosh 7200/90, Power Macintosh 7500/100, Some Clones (v2)</li>
<li>0x83A21950 - PowerBook 1400 or 1400cs</li>
<li>0x6F5724C0 - PowerMac/Performa 6400, Performa 6410, Performa 6420</li>
<li>0x575BE6BB - Umax C500/600, Motorola Starmax 3000/4000/5500</li>
<li>0x276EC1F1 - PowerBook 2400, 2400c, 3400, 3400c</li>
<li>0x6E92FE08 - Power Mac 6500</li>
<li>0x58F03416 - Motorola 4400 (Cupid)/7220 (Tanzania)</li>
<li>0x960E4BE9 - Power Mac 7300/7600/8600/9600 v1</li>
<li>0x960FC647 - Power Mac 8600 or 9600 v2</li>
<li>0x46001F1B - Power Macintosh 9700 Prototype (bad dump)</li>
<li>0x79D68D63 - Power Macintosh G3 Desktop (Gossamer) (v1)</li>
<li>0x78EB4234 - Power Macintosh G3 (v2)</li>
<li>0x2560F229 - PowerBook G3 (Kanga)</li>
<li>0xCBB01212 - PowerBook G3 (Wallstreet)</li>
<li>0xB46FFB63 - PowerBook G3 (Wallstreet PDQ)</li>
<li>0x78F57389 - Power Macintosh G3 v3</li>
<h2>New World ROMs</h2>
<li>e0fc03faa589ee066c411b4603e0ac89 - Mac OS ROM 1.1</li>
<li>17b134a0d837518498c06579aa4ff053 - Mac OS ROM 1.1.2</li>
<li>133ef27acf2f360341870f212c7207d7 - Mac OS ROM 1.1.5</li>
<li>3756f699eadaabf0abf8d3322bed70e5 - Mac OS ROM 1.2</li>
<li>483233f45e8ca33fd2fbe5201f06ac18 - Mac OS ROM 1.2.1</li>
<li>1bf445c27513dba473cca51219184b07 - Mac OS ROM 1.4</li>
<li>be65e1c4f04a3f2881d6e8de47d66454 - Mac OS ROM 1.6</li>
<li>dd26176882d14c39219aca668d7e97cb - Mac OS ROM 1.7.1</li>
<li>02350bfe27c4dea1d2c13008efb3a036 - Mac OS ROM 1.8.1</li>
<li>722fe6481b4d5c04e005e5ba000eb00e - Mac OS ROM 2.3.1</li>
<li>4bb3e019c5d7bfd5f3a296c13ad7f08f - Mac OS ROM 2.5.1</li>
<li>d387acd4503ce24e941f1131433bbc0f - Mac OS ROM 3.0</li>
<li>9e990cde6c30a3ab916c1390b29786c7 - Mac OS ROM 3.1.1</li>
<li>bbfbb4c884741dd75e03f3de67bf9370 - Mac OS ROM 3.2.1</li>
<li>386ea1c81730f9b06bfc2e6c36be8d59 - Mac OS ROM 3.5</li>
<li>71d3bd057139e3b0fb152ab905a12d2a - Mac OS ROM 3.6</li>
<li>8f388ccf6f96c58bda5ae83d207ca85a - Mac OS ROM 3.7</li>
<li>3f182e059a60546f93114ed3798d5751 - Mac OS ROM 3.8</li>
<li>bf9f186ba2dcaaa0bc2b9762a4bf0c4a - Mac OS ROM 4.6.1</li>
<li>f66558f3c9416a6bb8d062c0343b3e69 - Mac OS ROM 4.9.1</li>
<li>52ea9e30d59796ce8c4822eeeb0f543e - Mac OS ROM 5.2.1</li>
<li>ea03ebbfdff4febbff3a667deb921996 - Mac OS ROM 5.3.1</li>
<li>ba420e82e0c69405299d6d72dc9dd735 - Mac OS ROM 5.5.1</li>
<li>5e9a959067e1261d19427f983dd10162 - Mac OS ROM 6.1</li>
<li>19d596fc3028612edb1553e4d2e0f345 - Mac OS ROM 6.7.1</li>
<li>14cd0b3d8a7e022620b815f4983269ce - Mac OS ROM 7.5.1</li>
<li>28a08b4d5d5e4ab113c5fc1b25955a7c - Mac OS ROM 7.8.1</li>
<li>1486fe0b293e23125c00b9209435365c - Mac OS ROM 7.9.1</li>
<li>6fc4679862b2106055b1ce301822ffeb - Mac OS ROM 8.3.1</li>
<li>f97d43821fea307578697a64b1705f8b - Mac OS ROM 8.4</li>
<li>d81574f35e97a658eab99df52529251e - Mac OS ROM 8.6.1</li>
<li>97db5e70d05ab7568d8a1f7ddd3b901a - Mac OS ROM 8.7</li>
<li>fed4f785146d859d3c1b7fca42c07d9a - Mac OS ROM 8.8</li>
<li>65e3bc1fee886bbe1aabe0faa4b8cda2 - Mac OS ROM 8.9.1</li>
<li>66210b4f71df8a580eb175f52b9d0f88 - Mac OS ROM 9.0.1</li>
<li>c5f7aaaf28d7c7eac746e9f26b183816 - Mac OS ROM 9.1.1</li>
<li>13889037360fe1567c7e7f89807453b0 - Mac OS ROM 9.2.1</li>
<li>e0a643f2cb441955c46b098c8fd1b21f - Mac OS ROM 9.3.1</li>
<li>b36a5f1d814291a22457adfa2331b379 - Mac OS ROM 9.5.1</li>
<li>3c08de22aeaa7d7fdb14df848fbaa90d - Mac OS ROM 9.6.1</li>
<li>e74f8c6bb52a641b856d821be7a65275 - Mac OS ROM 9.7.1</li>
<li>4e8d07f8e0d4af6d06336688013972c3 - Mac OS ROM 9.8.1</li>
<li>1fb3de4d87889c26068dd88779dc20e2 - Mac OS ROM 10.1.1</li>
<li>48fd7a428aaebeaec2dea347795a4910 - Mac OS ROM 10.2.1</li>
<h2>Unknown ROMs</h2>
<h3>Old World</h3>
<li>Macintosh IIvx</li>
<h3>New World</h3>
<li>None Known</li>
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