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Play 2.0 plugin to use Scalate templates in Play 2.0 application
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A very simple play 2.0 plugin for using scalate templates as view rendering in play 2.0.

For more information, see Scalate

Tested scalate templates :

How to use this plugin

  • Clone this repository
git clone
  • Build and publish the plugin to your local repository
cd play2-scalate/project-code
// In the play console, type :
  • Add the following lines to the dependencies in your own project :
// In your project/Build.scala :
val appDependencies = Seq(
    "play2-scalate" %% "play2-scalate" % "0.1-SNAPSHOT",
    "org.fusesource.scalate" % "scalate-core" % "1.5.3"
  • Write templates in the app/views directory of your application (template filenames must end with .jade, .mustache or .scaml)

  • Use the following line to render template in your controllers :

Ok(Template.render("sample.mustache",Map("varName"->"something to pass to the template")))


A sample webapp can be found in the following path :


Clone this repo, play run in this directory and look at the samples.

Samples provide views for mustache, scaml and jade templates.


  • Include Play objects (request, session, routes, …) in the scope of templates
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