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Depth and RGB feeds now available in Unity!

Plus, The whole thing is now installed as a Unity Package for easy setup.
Any problems, let me know!
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BIN KUInterfaceSetup.msi
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BIN KinectInterface.unitypackage
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68 README.txt
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
KinectSDK / Unity3D Interface
- v.4.1
+ v.5.0
Andrew DeVine
University of Central Florida ISUE Lab
@@ -15,37 +15,56 @@ The Microsoft Kinect SDK v.1.0 is required for this dll:
- A bug was fixed, occuring on restarting gameplay in Unity, which
- caused the editor to freeze. Due to limitations with the Kinect SDK,
- prohibiting uninitialization and re-initialization of the sensor
- within a running application, the sensor remains on after the first
- NuiInit call.
- In the interest of condensing this download, I did not
- include an editor script to turn off the sensor when you close Unity
- (as this is not a problem for a Unity .exe build of the project,
- only when using the editor). You will see the red IR projector still
- active on your Kinect after you close the editor. So, BE SURE TO
+New Features with this Release:
+ 1) The Depth and RGB streams are now available for your enjoyment!
+ 2) Intellisense summaries have been added for public members
+ 3) Now distributed as a Unity package for easy setup
+WARNING: Using both the RGB and Depth feeds will cause a significant
+drop in performance. Please be sure your system meets the requirements
+found in the website above to maximize your experience with the SDK.
-1) Copy KUInterface.dll into the Unity game's working directory
-(Main Folder; It shares the game's name, and is the parent folder of
+In Unity:
+ Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package
+Select the package from the directory you downloaded it to!
-2) Add KUInterface.cs to your Unity project (Assets/Scripts) and attach
-it to a GameObject.
+scaleFactor: scales all joint positions by this number. Do not set to zero.
+twoPlayer: set to true to track the maximum of two skeletons. Do not change
+ value while in play.
+useRGB: update RGB feed every frame. Set to false if not being used to
+ optimize performance. Do not change value while in play.
+useDepth: update depth feed every frame. Set to false if not being used to
+ optimize performance. Do not change value while in play.
+displayJointInformation: for visualization of data.
+diplayTextureImage: renders RGB feed on-screen.
+displayDepthImage: renders depth feed on-screen as reverse-intensity image.
- Call GetJointPos(KinectWrapper.Joints joint) to retrieve the given
@@ -56,8 +75,15 @@ for player = 1,2 to use two-player mode. The Microsoft Kinect SDK supports
a maximum of two players with fully recognized skeletons. To use this,
field 'twoPlayer' must be set to 'True'.
-- To display the joint information on the screen, set
-'displayJointInformation' to 'True'.
+- Call GetTextureImage() to get the RGB camera's current output as a
+Texture2D object.
+- Call GetDepthData() to return the pixel depths as a byte[][] array. The
+coordinate depth[x=0][y=0] corresponds to the top-left corner of the depth
+camera's viewport.

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