Continuation of Beautiful Soup 3.0 series (moved to Launchpad)
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Old Beautiful Soup
Beautiful Soup fork based on version 3.0.7a
This is not an official version of Beautiful Soup!

Version 3.1.0 of Beautiful Soup has problems parsing some HTML that version
3.0.7a can handle. The problems are mostly caused by the move from SGMLParser to
HTMLParser. There is simply no way to fix them. SGMLParser was removed from
Python 3, so the switch had to be made for forward compatibility.

Old Beautiful Soup continues some limited development on the 3.0 line. The work
is mostly some bug fixes, speed-ups and the addition of some minor features to
the tree code. Don't expect anything special. Some of the changes might make it
into a Launchpad fork of the Beautiful Soup trunk.

99.999% of the credit for Old Beautiful Soup goes to Leonard Richardson. Little
tweaks are nothing compared to the work he put into Beautiful Soup. 

This version of Beautiful Soup isn't significantly faster in reality than
previous versions. There is no improvement in parsing speed, which usually
dwarfs the time taken by tree queries.

There are several properties and functions here that 

==Additional Features from 3.0.7a==
Replace a tag with its children.

Tag.string assignment
`tag.string = string` replaces the contents of a tag with `string`.

Tag.text property (NOT A FUNCTION!)
tag.text gathers together and joins all text children. Much faster than

Same as Tag.text, but a function that allows a custom seperator between joined
text elements.

Tag.index(element) -> int
Returns the index of `element`. Matches the actual element instead of __eq__.

Remove all child elements.

Tag.decompose() is several times faster.
A very basic findAll(...) is several times faster.
findAll(True) is special cased
Tag.recursiveChildGenerator is much faster