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This is a template for a regular Django Project. The aim of this repo is to finally evolve into a tool that will allow one to get to a point where actual coding of the interesting bits of a site is possible.


Create a tool that initializes a new django project with the following options/features:

  • Choose to use twitter-bootstrap/other CSS framework
  • Project-name and app name specification (use the right names when creating things)
  • Github repo url (auto adds the remote and possibly initial push)
  • Scaffolding for url endpoints (when you already have some pages in mind that you want to create)
  • Scaffolding for views for url endpoints
  • Turn on django-admin
  • Set up good django-template inheritance system (I.e. have a base template that the app then inherits off of)
  • Correctly configure static/media files in django
  • Set up a fab script that can take a bare linux vm to fully functional django stack serving this project, with one command.

All these things are doable if one assumes some sane defaults, at the expense of flexibility (especially when it comes to the fab deploy scripts).

SETUP (currrently)

Super standard. Create a virtualenv (optional) then run:

pip install -r pip-requires.txt   (assuming you're currently in the root folder of this repo)
cd web
cp localsettings.py.example localsettings.py
nano localsettings.py

You should only really have to set the DB settings as you prefer. Fastest way to get set up is to just configure it for sqlite3


cd ../
python manage.py syncdb
python manage.py runserver

Now you should be able to navigate to http://localhost:8000 with your browser and see... things.