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Infrastructure code for static website with S3 and CloudFormation
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Infrastructure code for static website with S3 and Cloudfront

This repository contains CloudFormation infrastructure code for creating static websites using S3 and Cloudfront. It :

  1. Creates a CodeCommit repository to hold code for the static website.
  2. Creates a CodeBuild project to continuously deploy on git push.
  3. Creates the S3 bucket and Cloudfront distribution to host and front the website.
  4. Creates the Route53 A and CNAME records for the domain of the website.

You will need:

  1. A Route53 hosted zone for your domain.
  2. To create a buildspec.yml that tells CodeBuild how to build and deploys your static website contents to the S3 bucket. Could be something as simple as this:
version: 0.2

      - gem install bundler jekyll
      - gem install jekyll-last-modified-at
      - gem install minima
      - jekyll build
      - aws s3 sync _site/ s3://
      - aws cloudfront create-invalidation --distribution-id E1PRO30G7BA7NW --paths "/*"
  1. Some time and patience :).
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