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An awesome hack. Your friendly finding ninja.


Index and find your stuff.

Index the current directory.

finja --index

Find huhu in the index.

finja huhu

Update outdated files and find huhu in the index.

finja -u huhu

Also works from a subdirectory.

finja --index
cd subdir
finja huhu

Tip: If you are sure that your system survives till everything is indexed use eatmydata.

eatmydata finja -i

Raw mode is meant for machines, but you can replace the \0 with colons.

finja -r huhu | finjacol

Get reduplicated raw human readable output.

finja -r stuff | finjadup | finjacol

Get reduplicated raw output.

finja -r stuff | finjadup

Index git files only.

git ls-tree -r --name-only master > FINJA.lst
finja -i

Filter unwanted output by path.

finja -p spamfolder gold

Cleanup free (unused) tokens and rebuild the database.

finja --vacuum

If there are some badly formatted files that seriously cramp your style.

finja readlines for | cut -c -`tput cols`

Index stuff in read-only directories.

mkdir sysinclude
cd sysinclude
find /usr/include/ -xdev > FINJA.lst
eatmydata finja -i
finja AF_INET6

Caveat: We do not support languages that don't do spaces nor interpunct. Hey we are not google!


pip install -U finja


Unlike many of the great alternatives to finja, finja is generic. It doesn't know what it is indexing. Finja achieves good indexing quality by doing multiple passes with different tokenization methods and splitting character lists. Therefore it is slower and has a bigger index than non-generic indexers, but it just indexes your stuff and won't miss any files it doesn't know about.

Finja is doing something wrong, can I customize the settings?

We would like to keep settings to a minimum. At the moment there is only international interpunct, that can be switched on. Please open an issue on Github and describe your problem, we will try to find a generic solution. If we don't find such a solution we might add a setting.

By and David Vogt, Stefan Heinemann, Pablo Vergés



  • Add workaround for VACUUM bug in python
  • Multiple version due bugs in packaging (rereleases)


  • Conditionally add the argparse dependancy on python 2.6 (@ganwell)


  • Case-insensitive highlighting (@ganwell)


  • Add argparse as requires for CentOS6 (@Pablo Verges)
  • Add search term coloring (@schtibe)
  • Add finja logo to help (@ganwell)

OUTDATED Install Debian/Ubuntu/Arch

We don't maintain the deb and arch packages anymore, the last version is 1.0.10


deb wheezy main

deb jessie main

deb trusty main

deb vivid main

deb xenial main


wget -O - | apt-key add -
apt-get update
apt-get install python-finja

If you're using Arch Linux, there's an AUR package here: