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A programmable keyboard for Android that lets you send phrases, lenny faces, macros, or data from the Internet in a single tap!

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screenshot of kboard in action


kboard includes a VIM-like syntax for adding special macro keys, to perform tasks like cursor movements, copy/pasting and text manipulation.

A command key has the following format:

/<friendly label>!<comma separated commands>



This creates a key titled "Italicise", which does the following: dw deletes the previous word and adds it to the buffer, i inserts the text in the brackets (which would be the deleted word wrapped in underscores.

Most commands can be preceded by a number, indicating how many times it will be run.

Available commands:

  • d delete previous character
  • dw delete previous word
  • 3dw delete previous three words
  • dd delete all
  • dt(char) deletes (backwards) up to and including the specified character
  • ds - deletes either the selected text, or if nothing is selected then deletes everything.
  • yy copy all
  • y copy selection
  • p paste from buffer
  • pc paste from clipboard
  • y select all
  • i(text) output the content of the brackets ($0 gets replaced * with the last deleted/copied content)
  • iraw(text) as i, but does not adhere to settings such as autospace or Passive Aggressive
  • upper(text) as i, but in upper case
  • lower(text) as i, but lower case
  • j move cursor back by a character
  • k move cursor forward by a character
  • b move cursor back by a word
  • w move cursor forward by a word
  • s trigger a send command
  • e(...) execute the command in the brackets
  • rnd output a random kboard key
  • rnd(word1;word2;...) output a random word from the comma separated list
  • rnde output a random emoji
  • fr(from;to) replace all instances of from to to
  • fancy(style) outputs buffer text with funky unicode characters (circle, darkcircle,square,darksquare,double,monospace,fancy,fancybold)
  • curl(URL) requests data from a URL and outputs it.

Examples of use

/Italicise Previous!dw,i($0)

/Bolden Previous!dw,i($0)

/Italics!i(__),j - this writes the two underscores then moves the cursor between them

/Copy All!yy

/Repeat word x4!dw,4p - repeats the previous word 4 times

/rly sad!1000i(😥)

/darkcircle!ds,fancy(darkcircle) - replaces selection or everything with 🅣🅔🅧🅣 🅛🅘🅚🅔 🅣🅗🅘🅢. Choose from circle, darkcircle, square,darksquare,double,monospace,fancy,fancybold.

Warning: weird unicode characters look cool but break accessibility software, so please don't use in public places!

/exec!dt(!),e($0) - this is meta, it enables you to write and execute commands inline in a text field by writing e.g. !10e(^, i(* ), ^) and hitting the exec key

/bullets!10e(^, i(* ), ^) - prepends "* " the the previous 10 lines

/emojigame!10rnde - outputs 10 random emoji

/feeling lucky!rnd,s - sends a random kboard key

/birthday!dw,rnd(Happy Birthday name;Hey name, happy birthday.;hb2u;Have a great day name),fr(name,$0) - write a name, then press this key to send a random birthday message to this name

/bdaysend!birthday,s - Can also have commands that refer to other command keys you've made'

/uuid!curl( - Can make arbitrary GET requests to URLS

CURL examples

The curl commands allows you to create your own HTTP endpoints to output anything you like!

Here are some examples of how it can be used:

/yt!ds,curl($0) An endpoint that searches the Youtube API, and returns the URL for the first video found.

/wolfram!ds,curl(<APP_ID>&i=$0) Uses the Wolfram Short Answers API to retrieve answers to anything Wolfram Alpha can answer. (Requires API key)

/cat!curl( Outputs a cat fact from a Cat Fact API

/dad joke!curl( Outputs a random lame joke.


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