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3dPrinter - The software side to building and using your own 3d printer!

This repo contains a collection of openscad parts I've designed. Some of them are posted on Thingiverse.

  • random_parts An unorganized collection of one-off projects and small parts.
  • lib Openscad modules that I very occassionally use to facilitate designing prints.
  • external Other people's libraries that I depended on once or twice.
  • gears A small collection of gears and an enclosure box for them.
  • dive_lights Inserts and experiments with scuba lights. I proposed with these!

Git submodules:

  • OpenSCAD-Tools - contains a very useful python script called openscad_exporter that I use all the time to export multiple stls from a single scad file
  • OpenSCAD_connectors - a library of connectors for aluminum extrusions
  • dlp_printer - the designs for a DLP Stereolithography printer I built.

Check out for install notes I follow to install the software that I use on my reprap.


3D parts, designs and small projects



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