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Gives the user a powerful control center to toggle on and off many system settings in Ubuntu, it is able to change system configurations, system updates, executable improvements, small system fixes, and more at the touch of a button.

It's theoretically compatible with all Ubuntu versions.

Due to lack of time paused development.

There are currently 2 branches of development:

  • master - Includes the most stable and lastest version.
  • dev - This branch is deprecated, only for experiments.

This is a very dangerous app, if you don't know what you are touching or how to fix it, don't do it. This software is for testing and knowledge purposes. It's unstable software.

This is a GUI for these scripts ubuntupackages and ubuntuScripts.

Other Apps based on this:


Push here to go to the wiki.

More info

Push here to go to the wiki.

How can I help?

You can create a new issue with an error, proposing new functionality, adding new packages, help on coding, etc...

Be careful

Be careful! The initial versions have a lot of bugs and disabled functions for a reason.

If you want to help with development on this software, please contact me.

If you need help with compiling and packaging I have basic knowhow, feel free to ask me.

I'm not a senior programmer, nor junior. I program as a hobby. So I'm not following professional coding practices.

I know that my code is horrifying and very well implemented. With patience and time I'll go to cleaning and improving it.

Credits and thanks to