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PHP-HTTP-Tarpit is a tool designed to confuse and trap misbeheaving webspiders. It accomplishes this task through a combination of log fuzzing, and error spoofing.

Install Location



Here's what you need to do in order to deploy the tarpit on your webapp. First you need to copy the file la_brea.php into a folder accessible to the clients of your web application. Next, Simply include a hidden reference to this page inside some portion of your application. This reference should be hidden so that no users accidentally stumble onto it. Something like a hidden link would be perfect. Something a web spider would want to check out.

Once you've done these two steps. You're golden.

Example 1: Deployment

To get started, for our example we will copy the tarpit into the web root of out web application.

$ sudo cp /opt/PHP-HTTP-Tarpit/la_brea.php /var/www/

Next we want to insert a reference into some portion of your web application that points to this file. For example, we might edit your application's index.php appending this line:

	<a href="/la_brea.php" ></a>

You may also want to chown the file to be owned by the web user.

$ sudo chown www-data:www-data /var/www/la_brea.php

It's that easy.

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