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What is Adhearsion?

Adhearsion is the first fully-featured open source Ruby framework for Asterisk and an easy way to write voice-enabled applications. In the age of the social web, what other technologies are more social than voice? Adhearsion empowers your code to handle and route inbound and outbound phone, VoIP, and Skype calls automatically, just like it handles normal web traffic.

DEPRECATION NOTICE: Much of the content here is old documentation relevant to Adhearsion 1.x and will soon be removed. See the main documentation for up-to-date info.


Integrating Adhearsion with other applications

  • RESTful API - invoking Adhearsion methods over HTTP from virtually any language
  • Ruby on Rails Integration - integrating Adhearsion and Ruby on Rails for a complete web+phone application
  • Using DRb - using Distributed Ruby to allow one Ruby process to instantly execute a method in another, separate process or even separate system

Examples & Projects

Roadmap & Future Plans

  • Alarm Subsystem - allowing recovery logic to be predicted and prepared on a per-application basis
  • FreeSWITCH - project to add FreeSwitch, a soft-switch (not a PBX) for routing media
  • Roadmap - what we're working on