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DEPRECATION NOTICE: This is old documentation relevant to Adhearsion 1.x and will soon be removed. See the main documentation for up-to-date info.

Adhearsion v1.x comes with a full REST API for integration. This means you can invoke Adhearsion methods over HTTP from virtually any language. This is a powerful way to expose telephony capabilities to any modern web platform such as PHP/Cake, Python/Django, Perl, Java, etc.


To enable the REST API simply uncomment this line in your Gemfile:

group :components do
  gem 'ahn-restful-rpc'

Then add this to your config startup.rb:

config.add_component "ahn-restful-rpc"

Then drop ahn-restful-rpc.yml into your config/components directory with the appropriate settings.

Ruby Client Library

There is a Ruby Gem on GitHub that can be used to access the Adhearsion RESTful RPC API. You can find it here.