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package.json Agent for Burner

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  1. On your Burner account, enable the Developer Connection from the Developer Console.

  2. Generate an incoming webhook

  3. Create an API.AI agent

  4. Make a note of your agent's token, obtainable from the settings button.

  5. Deploy the bot to your Heroku account by tapping the button below. This will install the bot as an app running on your heroku account.


  1. When prompted, enter the Copy and paste the incoming webhook url that was generated above into the incomingwebhookurl field, and your API agent's client access token into the accesstoken of the Heroku form.

  2. Tap "Manage" after the app has finished deploying to heroku.

  3. Find your heroku url under Settings -> Domains and paste it into the Outgoing webhook field on the Burner developer console with /listen appended to it. e.g. if your heroku url is you would use as the outgoing webhook url. Make sure you add http as well. __you must append /listen to the url in order for the app to hear the texts it is being sent.

  4. That's it, you're done! Send your newly configured Burner number a text and it should reply back. The first time you send a message it might take a few seconds to reply, so if it doesn't reply immediately be patient.