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GIF Buddy getting started

GIF Buddy is a simple Node.js Burner app using Express 4 and Foundation 6

Running Locally

Install PostgreSQL

  • Install PostgreSQL from here or if you want an easy Mac OS X GUI grab it here.
  • Create a Database and Database user/password

Create your app

  • Request OAuth credentials here.

Set up .env variables

  • Copy the env file to .env
  • Fill out the required variables.
    • CLIENT_ID is your OAuth client ID
    • CLIENT_SECRET is your application's OAuth secret
    • SCOPE is a comma separated list of scopes see here for more information.
    • DB_NAME is the PostgreSQL database name
    • DB_USER is your database user
    • DB_PASS is your database password
    • DB_HOST is most likely localhost
    • GIPHY_KEY is your giphy key. The public key you can use for testing can be found here.

Run the app

Make sure you have Node.js installed.

$ git clone # or clone your own fork
$ cd gif-buddy
$ npm install
$ npm start

Your app should now be running on localhost:5000.

Deploying to Heroku

If you'd like to deploy this app to your own Heroku instance, make sure you have the Heroku CLI installed and then run the following commands.

$ heroku create
$ git push heroku master
$ heroku open

You'll also need to add your env file's config variables via the Heroku CLI