Ultra lightweight JSON web token (JWT) library for PHP5.5 or newer
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If you are new to JWT or want to refresh your familiarity with it, please check jwt.io

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  • Lightweight JSON Web Token (JWT) library for PHP5.5 or newer.


composer require adhocore/jwt


use Ahc\Jwt\JWT;

// Instantiate with key, algo, maxAge and leeway.
$jwt = new JWT('secret', 'HS256', 3600, 10);

Only the key is required. Defaults will be used for the rest:

$jwt = new JWT('secret');
// algo = HS256, maxAge = 3600, leeway = 0

For RS* algo, the key should be either a resource like below:

$key = openssl_pkey_new([
    'digest_alg' => 'sha256',
    'private_key_bits' => 1024,
    'private_key_type' => OPENSSL_KEYTYPE_RSA,

OR, a string with full path to the RSA private key like below:

$key = '/path/to/rsa.key';

// Then, instantiate JWT with this key and RS* as algo:
$jwt = new JWT($key, 'RS384');

Pro You dont need to specify pub key path, that is deduced from priv key.

Generate JWT token from payload array:

$token = $jwt->encode([
    'uid'    => 1,
    'aud'    => 'http://site.com',
    'scopes' => ['user'],
    'iss'    => 'http://api.mysite.com',

Retrieve the payload array:

$payload = $jwt->decode($token);


$token   = (new JWT('topSecret', 'HS512', 1800))->encode(['uid' => 1, 'scopes' => ['user']]));
$payload = (new JWT('topSecret', 'HS512', 1800))->decode($token);


Can pass extra headers into encode() with second parameter:

$token = $jwt->encode($payload, ['hdr' => 'hdr_value']);

Spoof time() for testing token expiry:

$jwt->setTestTimestamp(time() + 10000);

// Throws Exception.

Call again without parameter to stop spoofing time():



  • Six algorithms supported:
'HS256', 'HS384', 'HS512', 'RS256', 'RS384', 'RS512'
  • Leeway support 0-120 seconds.
  • Timestamp spoofing for tests.
  • Passphrase support for RS* algos.



Check adhocore/phalcon-ext.


Coming soon laravel-jwt.


Be aware of some security related considerations as outlined here which can be valid for any JWT implementations.