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Simple Terraform config to spin up a bunch of identical EC2 workers
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This is a barebones Terraform configuration that you can use to spin up a cluster of EC2 instances and have them all run the same code.

This was borne out of a need to run multi-region load testing scripts, but could easily be reused to run any arbitrary code across AWS.

Getting Started

This requires Terraform, an AWS account, and a working local AWS command line environment.

First, create a workspace:

terraform init
terraform workspace new us-east-1

Note: The name should match the AWS availability zone you intend to use, i.e. us-east-1, us-west-2, etc.

Next, add the code you want to run on each instance to files/instance_user_data. Refer to the AWS documentation to see what's supported. In this (contrived) example, we fetch a URL 10 times then shutdown.

echo <<EOF

for i in {1..10}
   curl -s

/sbin/shutdown -h now


Next, run Terraform to create your infrastructure:

terraform apply -var workers=10

To scale the number of workers up and down, re-run the command with higher or lower values for workers.

When you are done running your code, you may either redeploy with -var workers=0 to kill the instances, but preserve the network infrastructure, or run terraform destroy to remove everything you created.

Known Issues

This project is barebones by design, so don't expect a whole lot! That said, here's bits I know can be improved:

  • EC2 instances could launch with instance profiles to grant/restrict access to other AWS services
  • Task logging & reporting is left to the implementer
  • There's no provision for remote state. The default implementation will store Terraform state in a local directory




First implementation by Chris Gansen (

Your name could be here! Open a PR!

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