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A photo upload and review app. Running application can be found here. See usage instructions for login details.

Technologies Used

See /ops/ for deployment and CI related information.

Try it out

  1. Head over to

  2. Log-in with provided demo credentials.

  3. Create an upload token at Request an Upload. Copy and paste the code generated.

  4. Submit an image at Upload Image with token generated from the upload request form. Note: Login not required for this page.

  5. Review submissions in Review Submission. You can filter by the submission type, and write a note approving or rejecting the submission.


Install docker and docker-compose.

  1. Use .env.sample to create a .env file with your AWS credentials.
  2. Run docker-compose build to build the containers with dependencies
  3. Run docker-compose run backend rake db:create db:migrate db:seed
  4. Run docker-compose up to start the application. The frontend should be served at http://localhost:3000.

Tests can be run via

docker-compose run backend rspec