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AttifyOS v3.0

AttifyOS is a distro intended to help you perform security assessment and penetration testing of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It saves you a lot of time by providing a pre-configured environment with all the necessary tools loaded. The new version is based on Ubuntu 18.04 64-Bit - that also means that you'll receive updates for this version till April 2023.

Disclaimer - Make sure you only tests the target for which you have proper authorization of. You hold all responsibilities of what you decide to do with it.

Download Links

Google Drive -

Tools Included

  • Arduino
  • Baudrate
  • BDAddr
  • BetterCap
  • Binwalk
  • Create_AP
  • Cutter
  • DspectrumGUI
  • Dump1090
  • Firmadyne
  • Firmware Analysis Toolkit
  • Firmware Analysis Toolkit (FAT)
  • Firmware-Mod-Kit (FMK)
  • GNURadio
  • GQRX
  • GR-GSM
  • GR-Paint
  • HackRF Tools
  • HackRF tools
  • Inspectrum
  • JADx
  • Kalibrate-RTL
  • KillerBee
  • LibMPSSE
  • Liquid-DSP
  • LTE-Cell-Scanner
  • NMAP
  • OOK-Decoder
  • Qiling
  • radare2
  • RFCat
  • RouterSploit
  • RTL-433
  • RTL-SDR tools
  • Scapy
  • Spectrum Painter
  • Ubertooth tools-
  • URH (Universal Radio Hacker)


iot : attify

How does it look like

Attify OS Screenshot 1 Attify OS Screenshot 2 Attify OS List of tools Attify OS Screenshot 3 Attify OS Screenshot 4


Aditya Gupta (@adi1391) and Barun Basak (@0xec_) of Attify Team


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