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Card Tray Demo

A clone of the credit/debit card storage of Apple’s Wallet app.


  • Drag to re-order cards with physics animation.
  • Enter credit card number via the camera.
  • Credit/debit card number validation.
  • Detection of card network type via the card number.
  • User interface for showing back-of-card information.

Card Tray

Card Transactions

Known Issues and Limitations

  • When dragging cards to re-order, sometimes the card was drawn at the top for a very brief moment before the snapping animation kicks in. This is probably a limitation of UIKit – may need to re-visit implementation with SceneKit.
  • Card type detection only works for Visa and MasterCard.
  • Card scanning does not read the cardholder name nor expiry date. This is a limitation of the Card.IO library.
  • There is no backend connectivity implemented, hence the transaction list and services options are dummy values.
  • There is no support for iPad.
  • Accessibility support is very poor. E.g. there is no VoiceOver support on the card list and there is no support for people who uses a switch control.


  • iOS 9.3.2
  • Xcode 7.3.1
  • iPhone

Not mandatory but good to have

Getting started

  1. Open workspace CardTrayDemo.xcworkspace (not the project file since this relies on Cocoapods).
  2. Press the Play button in Xcode to build and run for the Simulator.
  3. Enjoy the card demo!

Folder Structure

  • CardTrayDemo – Demo app sources.
  • CardTray – Framework sources.
  • CardTrayTests – Unit tests for the CardTray framework.
  • assets – original files for the icon and button glyphs.
  • Pods – Cocoapods-managed sources.

Terms of Use

Copyright(C) 2016 Sasmito Adibowo. Licensed under GPL v3 – see for details.

If you are in a job interview and the company request you to do a new unpaid project as part of the hiring process, feel free to plagiarize this project — remove my name from the source files and submit them "as is" without further modification. For any other uses, the GPL license applies. Please send me a postcard if you get hired because of my work.

Why am I encouraging plagiarism? Mainly because I feel that companies that requests "free work" as part of an interview process are engaging in unethical behavior. They show a lack of respect of your time and devalue programmers in general. This practice has reduced the value of artists, musicians, designers, and now the same is coming to software engineers. I feel that it's about time we push back.

Original Asignment Description

Design Brief

The goal is to build up a tool-kit of standard design templates that can be rapidly branded and deployed for partners with minimal effort.

Basic Needs

  • Flat Design / Use of clear backgrounds
  • Style Sheets (Change Fonts & Colors)
  • Space for Logos
  • Ability to back with color or image
  • Minimal words (language)

Design Challenge

  • Fewest Screens / Simplest Method

Developer Brief

The goal is to build up a suite of services which can be deployed together or independently and customized per client as needed with minimal effort.

Basic Needs

  • WireCard & Stripe
  • Heroku Platform End to End Capability
  • Common Service Layers
  • Custom Demo Application Environments
  • Stubs & Simulation where required

Developer Challenge

  • Functional / Flexible
  • Easy to Integrate 3rd Party systems / Apps

Card Tray

A container that can hold and manage multiple cards in a clean and simple format. The card tray is at the center of all services.

Design Archetype

Keep it simple. The Samsung card tray is really beautiful. Allow cards to be rotated through visually. Use a mash-up of Apple, Samsung and Android screens for the “back of card” data elements.

Needed Systems

  • WireCard

API or Stubs

  • Card Controls (CTC)
  • Last 10 Transactions (See VTS Format)
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