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This app handles LinkedIn's proprietary linkedin://#profile URL and opens the default web browser to show that person's LinkedIn profile. You get these proprietary URLs as your contacts' home page when you use the iOS app to import your LinkedIn connections into your contact list and then sync the iOS contacts into your Mac.

How to use it

  1. Download the app.
  2. Move it to the Applications folder.
  3. Run it once.

It doesn't have any UI but running it ensure that the app is registered to the system's LaunchServices database.

The next time you click on a linkedin://#profile/xxxx URL, it should open the contact's LinkedIn profile in your default web browser.

OpenLinkedIn is brought to you by Basil Salad Software. If you found good use of it, please send your gratitude to Sasmito Adibowo via adib@basil-salad.com ^_^

This app nor Basil Salad software is not affiliated with LinkedIn Inc.