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Framework for sending feedback and system information reports from you Cocoa application.
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When writing desktop applications you are dealing with a huge amount of different installations. Tracking down a bug requires to get detailed information on what happened on the user's computer. But most likely you don't want to bother the users with how to make this information available to you.

I wasn't really satisfied with the frameworks available so I came up with one that suits my needs. Hopefully it will also suit yours.

For information on how to integrate the FeedbackReporter Framework please see the screencast and the documentation.

Suggestions, bug reports and fixes are much welcome.

You can DOWNLOAD the latest release or get the source code from github

git clone git://



  • Fraser Speirs, Multipart/Form construction, BSD License
  • Jens Alfke, Exception handling and callstack, BSD License
  • Torsten Curdt, initial codebase, ASL2.0 License

any more contributors sending patches. Thanks!

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