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// OATokenManager.h
// OAuthConsumer
// Created by Alberto García Hierro on 01/09/08.
// Copyright 2008 Alberto García Hierro. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "OACall.h"
@class OATokenManager;
@protocol OATokenManagerDelegate
- (BOOL)tokenManager:(OATokenManager *)manager failedCall:(OACall *)call withError:(NSError *)error;
- (BOOL)tokenManager:(OATokenManager *)manager failedCall:(OACall *)call withProblem:(OAProblem *)problem;
- (BOOL)tokenManagerNeedsToken:(OATokenManager *)manager;
@class OAConsumer;
@class OAToken;
@interface OATokenManager : NSObject<OACallDelegate> {
OAConsumer *consumer;
OAToken *acToken;
OAToken *reqToken;
OAToken *initialToken;
NSString *authorizedTokenKey;
NSString *oauthBase;
NSString *realm;
NSString *callback;
NSObject <OATokenManagerDelegate> *delegate;
NSMutableArray *calls;
NSMutableArray *selectors;
NSMutableDictionary *delegates;
BOOL isDispatching;
- (id)init;
- (id)initWithConsumer:(OAConsumer *)aConsumer token:(OAToken *)aToken oauthBase:(const NSString *)base
realm:(const NSString *)aRealm callback:(const NSString *)aCallback
delegate:(NSObject <OATokenManagerDelegate> *)aDelegate;
- (void)authorizedToken:(const NSString *)key;
- (void)fetchData:(NSString *)aURL finished:(SEL)didFinish;
- (void)fetchData:(NSString *)aURL method:(NSString *)aMethod parameters:(NSArray *)theParameters
- (void)fetchData:(NSString *)aURL method:(NSString *)aMethod parameters:(NSArray *)theParameters
files:(NSDictionary *)theFiles finished:(SEL)didFinish;
- (void)fetchData:(NSString *)aURL method:(NSString *)aMethod parameters:(NSArray *)theParameters
files:(NSDictionary *)theFiles finished:(SEL)didFinish delegate:(NSObject*)aDelegate;
- (void)call:(OACall *)call failedWithError:(NSError *)error;
- (void)call:(OACall *)call failedWithProblem:(OAProblem *)problem;
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