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// TUINSImage.h
// TwUI
// A TUIImage subclass backed by an NSImage as it's first-priority data store instead of a CGImageRef
// Intended for better support of multi-resolution images (i.e. PDF or @2x image resource files for Retina Display)
// Created by Sasmito Adibowo on 07-08-12.
#import "TUIImage.h"
@interface TUINSImage : TUIImage
- (TUINSImage *)initWithNSImageNoCopy:(NSImage *)image;
+ (TUINSImage *)imageWithNSImage:(NSImage *)image;
+ (TUINSImage *)imageNamed:(NSString *)name cache:(BOOL)shouldCache;
+ (TUINSImage *)imageWithData:(NSData *)data;
@interface TUINSImage (AppKit)
@property (nonatomic, readonly) id nsImage; // NSImage *