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Python module for http requests by tor network
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Python module for http requests by Tor network. PyTor change automatically IP address when a string marker is detected in response to a request.





ATENTION: First install pip and git

pip install git+git://


import pytor

# Use here, password from tor configuration

# Automatically change the IP address if one of those strings are met in http response
pytor.invalidStringList = ['Sorry, you\'re not allowed to access this page.', 'One more step']

# Change the IP address automatically after 100 requests
pytor.maxRequestsPerIP = 100 

# Change the IP address if response is shorter then 200 chars
pytor.minSourceLength = 200 

# Show IP address at every request 
pytor.showIp = True

# Show output messages 
pytor.silent = False

# Get source :)

Privoxy configuration

Privoxy's main configuration file is already prepared for Tor, if you are using a default Tor configuration and run it on the same system as Privoxy, you just have to edit the forwarding section and uncomment the next line from /etc/privoxy/config:

#        forward-socks5t             / .

Tor configuration

Generate a hash password

tor --hash-password YOURPASSWORD

Uncomment this line from /etc/tor/torrc

ControlPort 9051

Update hash generated above in /etc/tor/torrc

HashedControlPassword 16:3C78EB9AB441234760C108BCC7F8CF3138FA14378C116ECD3E9C942E51
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