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Devfest is gonna be amazing and so is our website!

With thanks to Minimill for their project template.


Install npm. Then, install gulp:

npm install -g gulp  # May require `sudo`


npm install            # One time
gem install scss_lint  # One time
gulp serve

Gulp Commands

An overview of Gulp commands available:

gulp build

Builds the site into the dist directory. This includes:

  • SCSS w/ linting, sourcemaps and autoprefixing
  • JS linting and uglification
  • Handlebars to HTML

gulp build:optimized

This is used for distributing an optimized version of the site (for deployment). It includes everything from gulp build as well as:

  • SCSS minification
  • CSS / JS inline-sourcing

gulp watch

Watchs for changes in local files and rebuilds parts of the site as necessary, into the dist directory.

gulp serve

Runs gulp watch in the background, and serves the dist directory at localhost:3000 with automatic reloading using Browsersync.


├── Gulpfile.js       # Controls Gulp, used for building the website
├──         # This file
├── data.yml          # Metadata associated with the site.
├── dist/             # Gulp builds the static site into this directory
├── package.json      # Dependencies
└── src/              # All source code
    ├── font/         # Font files
    ├── img/          # Images and SVGs
    ├── js/           # Javascript libraries and scripts
    ├── partials/     # Handlebars HTML partials that are included / extended
    ├── sass/         # Stylesheets
    └── templates/    # Handlebars HTML files, one per page on the site.