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This repository

A course scheduling application for Columbia.

branch: master


ADI's schedule builder for Columbia.

Build instructions:

  1. Run vagrant up
  2. View Courses at http://localhost:8080/
  3. Enjoy live recompilation of changed files.

Hint: has some useful info for understanding Courses.

App structure

|-- app/ (backend code)
|-- public/ (directory with minified code to be served -
      this is not complete initially, completed by grunt)
|-- scripts/ (Various one off scripts)
|-- src/ (code to be compiled)
  |-- css/ (less files to be compiled to CSS)
  |-- js/ (coffescript files - most of the Angular code)
    |-- controllers/ (the C in MVC)
    |-- directives/ (See angular directives)
    |-- models/ (Plain old Coffescript classes, M in MVC)
    |-- services/ (See angular services)
    |-- (Main init code for Angular, where Angular
          packages are required)
    |-- (Various constants)
    |-- (See angular filters)
  |-- lib/ (Library js files that have been edited/tweaked)
|-- test/
|-- bower.json (bower package manifest)
|-- package.json (npm package manifest)
|-- (This file)


Install protractor

npm install -g protractor
webdriver-manager update
webdriver-manager start

Run tests

grunt test

This assumes that you have the application available at localhost:8000.


The current Dockerfile included will create a data only container (see data container pattern) when built with docker build -t courses . and run with docker run -d courses. This container should then be mounted by a container running a server like nginx. A tool to automatically do this will follow.

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