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A course management application for Columbia.
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Build instructions:

  1. Install node.js
  2. Install meteor: curl | sh
  3. Install meteorite: npm install -g meteorite
  4. Install meteor packages: mrt install
  5. Run courses: meteor
  6. View Courses at http://localhost:3000/

Search: You'll need to do something like ssh -L 9200:localhost:9200 adi-data to tunnel into our servers to get the search working. Unfortunately as of now there isn't much of a better way to do this.

App structure

This app structure is based on the recommendations here

Note that most of the frontend code in is client/ but that the frontend code may also access code in other directories (but not tests/ and server/)

client/                     # Most of the frontend code
    lib/                    # client utlity code
      router.js             # **routes defined here**
    stylesheets/            # stylesheets for the whole app
    views/                  # **client view code**
    index.html              # Everything is injected into here
collections/                # db collections (client and server)
lib/                        # global utility code
    constants.js            # Various constants
public/                     # static files (ex. img)
scripts/                    # utility scripts not used by meteor
tests/                      # tests
smart.json                  # Meteor package manifest


Tests are currently in the tests/mocha-web-velocity directory. Editing and saving any of these tests will cause them to be automatically rerun. See the status of tests by clicking the on circle on the top right corner of the page (will only be shown in development mode).


Docker support is coming soon. Note: Docker support is for deployment, as you lose all of the reactive goodness (automatic reloading) if Meteor isn't running locally.

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