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Set up ninja printers on any UNIX/Linux system.

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Add printers from Columbia's ninja print system to any UNIX/Linux system.


First install CUPS, the Common Unix Printing System. On Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and other "User-Friendly" Unices, this should be installed by default. This package is generally named "cups" in most distribution package repositories. If you install CUPS manually, make sure the cups daemon is started and running.

To add all the printers, run the command

sudo ./

This will most likely take a long time. If you want to add a specific printer supply an argument to the program. For instance

sudo ./ butler

will add only the printers in butler library, whereas

sudo ./ butler301a

will add a specific printer in butler.

There is also a script which is used in the same way, but deletes printers instead of adding them.

Mac Executables

Add and delete printer apps located here.

Missing Printers

If you think any printers are missing, run the scraper script to add all available ninja printers


This will update the printers.conf file that the add printers script uses.

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