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Take a photo of an album with your iOS device and use the Google Goggles API to match it. Then, scrobble the tracks from that album to
Latest commit 3c5ab32 Oct 2, 2013 @adidahiya Update

scrobble goggles

It's an app that lets you take a photo of an album cover and scrobble it. You know, because you're too hipster to listen to digial music. No, only vinyl will do.

Currently uses a image picker from your photo album, but this can be swapped for a camera view by changing one line of code in SCRTabViewController.

Big thanks to Fadi Hassan for reverse engineering the Google Goggles API.


  • Better error handling
  • Don't store user password in plaintext
  • Fix UI jankyness when center tab bar controller is highlighted
  • Pull-to-refresh recent scrobbles
  • Better network activity indication
  • Connect to Facebook music, Spotify
  • redesign for iOS 7


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