Bookmark Service built on Django and Mezzanine.
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WARNING: mezzanine-bookmarks is under development.

mezzanine-bookmarks is a bookmark service built on Django and Mezzanine designed to be flexible and easy to use. You could host it as a standalone bookmark service for multiple users. Or you could embed it into an existing mezzanine site.

Here is the feature list:

  • Multiple User support
  • Single User mode
  • Use service from to extract main content from web page
  • Use service from to generate suggested tags
  • Store page content for future use



mezzanine-bookmarks could be used as a django app:

pip install mezzanine-bookmarks

Then add 'bookmarks', to INSTALLED_APPS and add ("^bookmarks/", include("bookmarks.urls")), to


mezzanine-bookmarks comes with a standalone mode which you could use run a bookmark service with it very quickly:

virtualenv bookmarks
source bookmarks/bin/activate
pip install mezzanine-bookmarks
pip install django-template-bootstrap
bookmarks init
vim ~/.bookmarks/ # Add your own diffbot and zemanta api keys
bookmarks syncdb
bookmarks migrate
bookmarks runserver