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Python API for xunlei lixian
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API Usage

Create a Xunlei object:

import xunlei
xunlei_obj = xunlei.Xunlei(USERNAME, PASSWORD, COOKIE_FILE_PATH)

List Xunlei lixian tasks:

items = xunlei_obj.dashboard()

List a bittorrent task:

items = xunlei_obj.list_bt(url, task_id) # url and task_id are from dashboard() function

Download a task:

xunlei_obj.dowload(url, filename)

Download a task with file size checking and resume:

xunlei_obj.smart_download(url, filename, size)

CLI Usage

Edit config file at ~/xunleirc, add settings for username and password

List xunlei tasks:

xunlei_cli dashboard

Download a task:

xunlei_cli download TASK_ID
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