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Epoll For D

IMP : This Epoll interface has been integrated into the druntime since 2.061. This package is no longer required.

epoll is the fastest event subsystem on Linux (http://man-wiki.net/index.php/4:epoll). This api is a thin wrapper to the linux epoll api. It exposes all of epoll's facilities with a simpler interface that removes boiler plate without comprosing on epoll's options.

The C interface is also publicly imported.


import epoll.epoll;

//Create an EPoll struct
EPoll epoll = EPoll(30); //maximum number of connections

//Prepare an epoll_event, that tells epoll what events we're interested in listening to
epoll_event ev;
ev.events = Events.IN | Events.HUP | Events.ERR; //Refer to the epoll documentation
ev.data.fd = listener.handle(); //Optional

/* Watch a file descriptor (socket, file) for "ev.events" events. epoll watches file descriptors (including its own), not just sockets, for any event. In this example, you can see how to bind a Socket to epoll */ 
epoll.add(socket_listener.handle(), ev);

	// Now wait for events to occur
	foreach(epoll_event event; epoll.wait(-1))
		//An event occured! Use the event struct to find out. Each "event" corresponds to one file descriptor.

For an example look at scgi.d .


EPoll is a modern Linux library. You should compile this on a recent Linux distro. Tested with dmd 2.059 on Linux 64bit (Ubuntu 12.04).


Please download and play with this project. Open tickets for bugs. Patches, feature requests, suggestiongs to improve the code, documentation, performance and anything else are very welcome.

Adil Baig
Blog : adilbaig.posterous.com
Twitter : @aidezigns