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Tiny Redis

Redis driver for the D programming language. TinyRedis is fast, simple, intuitive, feature complete, unit-tested, forward compatible, has no dependencies and makes working with Redis trivial.

It supports all of Redis's data types; strings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets, bitmaps and hyperloglogs. It also has simple functions for Lua eval, pipelining and transactions.


Documentation and Usage examples are on the website:

Latest Release

Download the latest stable release here:

Change Log

See the Changelog

Bugs and Contributions

I'm happy to accept all contributions from anyone using this library. The best way to contribute code or documentation is to fork this repository and send a pull request.

Report bugs by opening a new issue

Star this project

If you use this project, please star it on github. That's a quick acknowledgement for me that you are using it.


Adil Baig
Twitter : @aidezigns