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Justin Romer justin2008

I´m photographer and data scientific rookie

UC San Diego, Carabobo

Paolo Gervasoni Vila pgervila

Aerospace engineer Master in economics and finance Interest in agent-based modeling, scientific journalism, language, social science


Gajesh Bhat gajeshbhat

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.


Marta Gómez Macías mgmacias95

Computer Science student in the UGR. My field of interest is artificial inteligence and data analysis. I also like programming games with @BraulioV <3.

Granada, Spain

Victor Hernandez vikher

I am an ambitious student embracing computer science, especially machine learning and computer vision.


Huleg huleg

#Maker #Inventor #IEEE #Futurist #Entrepreneur


Nikhil Akki nikhilakki

Web Developer and Machine learning enthusiast

Freelance Consultant Mumbai, India

Cloves Adriano SCloves

I am a statistician, a python programmer and I love to learn about data science.

Cognitivo.AI Brazil

Ali UmutAlihan


Istanbul, Turkey

Zhuangfang Yi Geoyi

Data Engineer Consultant @omni-earth, Washington DC metro areas. A former postdoc at The Morton Arboretum.

OmniEarth Inc DC metro area

Matheus dos Santos Rabetti MatheusRabetti

Statistician / Data Scientist


Chetan Gupta guptachetan1997

CS Undergrad | Pythonist | ML Enthusiast

Delhi Technological University New Delhi, India

Emeka Onu emekaonu

Data Scientist & Machine Learning Enthusiast

Lagos, Nigeria

jeanmidev jeanmidevacc

R&D engineer , maker and data scientist

United Kingdom

Abhinav Garg abhi32ag

Graduate Student University of Washington Masters of Information Management Specializing in Data Science


Reidholmes ReidHolmes

上善若水,厚德载物,人淡如菊。"Technology make the world a better place." 看得越多越沉默 但行好事,莫问前程

martian Technology hangzhou

shellbye Shellbye

Machine(&Deep) Learning

Chengdu, China

Zhonglin Han zhonglinHan

Data Scientist/ Machine Learning Engineer

San Francisco

Alan Zablocki alanzablocki

Astrophysicist turned data scientist.


Houssem Chatbri hchatbri

Insight@DCU Dublin, Ireland

Seti setivolkylany

A autodidact and enthusiast from the Earth


Xu Wang thunder112358

East China Normal University Shanghai

Jean Paul Ruiz jpruiz114

Cat lover, lego fanatic, full stack developer, big data and math passionate.

Clearwater, Florida

Liguang Zhu zhuliguang

a data scientist

Melbourne, Australia

Murugadoss Balasubramanian dossdboss

By profession... I lead a Salesfroce CRM team at Caterpillar. By hobby... Founder & Organizer of an IoT Geeks community in Chennai.

Caterpillar Inc & IoT Geeks Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Anurag El Dorado aedorado

Student @ IIIT Allahabad. Developer. Researcher.