Made some small changes to enable the plugin to read CSS from subdirectories too!
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Sass on Heroku

Rails plugin to compile Sass files to tmp/ and serve from there, avoiding trouble with read-only filesystems.

It will add a Rack middleware on top of your Rails app that quickly detects requests for Sass CSS files, and serve them with caching headers.

If you have issues please tell us on – or just fork it :)

Some additions in this fork

This plugin wasn't working for a scenario when you have CSS/SASS files in subdirectories. For example, if you put your SASS files within a subdirectory such as “sass/admin/style.sass”, then this plugin won't find it.

I made some small modifications to make that possible. It was a little harder than just using the basic DIR commands to traverse the directories because Heroku seems to have some built-in security that doesn't want you to do that. (At least not from script/console)

As such the plugin only supports going one-level-deep for SASS/CSS files, and it ignores 'partials' directories.

I hope this is useful to someone else!

-Adil Wali Crowd Interactive