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My personal website, focused on my research and teaching
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My Personal Website

Here are the files for my personal website.

All files are my own, except where references are cited or credits are given.

Content is free for personal use, but credit is expected.

All contributions and comments are welcome, via email or PR/issue.

"External" Stuff

The following are not available on the website, but I use them on the server, so I uploaded them for backup and sharing purposes.

  • _latex_: the LaTeX sources of the teaching notes I post on my website;
  • _tools_: various programs and scripts that I wrote or use to manage stuff. Currently: tools for managing the news.


  • move to Hugo;
  • simplify!
  • add last modified date (& link to latest commit?);
  • add blog section;
  • add newsfeeds (my own recipe for RSS/Atom feeds);
  • add Gitea (?);
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