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Configuration files for various programs I use
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0-extras add my colorschemes Nov 13, 2019
Xmodmap first Sep 30, 2019
Xresources change to my grayscale Nov 13, 2019
bash alias for tabbed zathura & myindex Oct 10, 2019
dunst/.config/dunst first Sep 30, 2019
i3/.config/i3 first Sep 30, 2019
i3status/.config/i3status first Sep 30, 2019
msmtp/.config/msmtp first Sep 30, 2019
neomutt/.config/neomutt add message number column Oct 16, 2019
newsboat/.config/newsboat remove duplicates Oct 13, 2019
nvim/.config/nvim first Oct 10, 2019
pcmanfm/.config/pcmanfm/default first Sep 30, 2019
scripts perl for copy in urxvt Oct 10, 2019
tmux prettification Oct 4, 2019
tuir/.config/tuir clipboard command Oct 10, 2019
urlview first Sep 30, 2019
vim some latex tweaks Nov 8, 2019
zathura/.config/zathura first Sep 30, 2019 + emacs remark Sep 30, 2019

My dotfiles

These are the configuration files I use for various programs.

Note: They are intended to be used with GNU stow and as such, after cloning the repository in the home folder, just stow anything you need, except for emacs, which is not easily supported by stow, given its configuration directory structure.

The configurations are not optimized in any way, they are rather minimalistic and show my learning experiments mostly.

OS: Manjaro Linux i3.

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